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Financial Ascendancy-10 Things that Happen When You Tithe

October 19th, 2020

Financial ascendancy is when you are in a position of dominance, superiority or have a controlling influence over your finances. 

In today’s message Bishop Dag will help you go better understand the master key to achieving financial ascendancy.

Bishop Dag will continue to teach you on the things that happen every time you tithe and will help you to realize the unique prosperity that is released by obeying this all important command.

The Foundation of Nearness to God

October 17th, 2020

Welcome to this Saturday’s Machaneh message! Today’s teaching is from the Mighty Foundations camp preached to shepherds in Switzerland in 2009. 

Every long lasting ministry stands on strong foundations, which leads us to today’s message  entitled: ‘The Foundation of Nearness to God’

Part of worshipping God is your approaching and striving to come closer to Him And to always be in his presence. Dag Heward-Mills outlines the need for Christians to value closeness to God and the importance of being near to your Heavenly Father in order to be safe in your Christian walk and ministry. 

I believe after today’s message you will do whatever it takes to remain close to God and the anointing!

Woman of Chayil

October 16th, 2020

Chayil is a Hebrew word that is defined as strength and valor and today Bishop Dag will hone in on the qualities of a virtuous woman.

You will also learn about the key differences between women and men from a biblical  perspective.

From today’s teaching you will discover how a woman of chayil is able to master difficulties and challenges that she may face. Enjoy today’s teaching.

The Discussions of Christ

October 15th, 2020

This Thursday’s teaching is all about the power contained in the words and conversations of Jesus Christ. Bishop Dag will take a closer look at the words the Son of God and how he related with others.

Today’s message will provide you with an example of how you can be more like Christ in your speech and conduct.
No other man ever spoken like Jesus Christ has and his words have outlasted any other word spoken by any other person.

Enjoy today’s message as Bishop Dag brings to life some of the words of the greatest teacher who ever lived!

God Commended His Love

October 14th, 2020

To commend something is to recommend it or to endorse it with your approval and praise. This Wednesday Bishop Dag will teach you  the different ways in which God commends and displays his love to us.  

Today’s message will help you better understand the nature of God’s love and why you must have a very high regard for the greatest love you’ll ever receive.

Today’s teaching will cause you to appreciate the love of god and the importance of you showing love to God and others.

The Master Key to Financial Ascendancy

October 13th, 2020

This Tuesday’s message is a continuation on the topic of financial ascendancy.

Bishop Dag will teach you how tithing is one of the main ways to honour God and ultimately results in a Christian breaking out of financial lack.

Today you will discover how your going higher in financial dominance and power is linked to your ability to give. 

Today’s message will help you to better understand this master key to increasing your financial ascendancy.

Financial Ascendancy

October 12th, 2020

According to scripture it is God alone who gives power to get wealth.

In this Monday's message Bishop Dag will teach you about what it means to be financially ascendent. Ascendancy means to be in a position of dominance, superiority or a controlling influence and today you will gain wisdom on how you can gain financial dominance.  

You will learn how financial power is released through paying your tithes and you will discover why it is essential to give God honour where it is due with your substance.

Young People Must be HardFollowers

October 10th, 2020

This Saturday's Machaneh message is from the Ready at 20 camp preached to university students in Stevenage, UK. Ready at 20 is an inspiring camp which encourages young people - and those young at heart - to rise up and serve God despite limitations of youth.  

To follow hard after God and the anointing is a very important thing for a young person in order to make great leaps and advancements in ministry. Today Bishop Dag will unpick the art of following hard which is the master key for every young minister to do well.


October 9th, 2020

Thlipsis is a Greek word which means pressure, affliction, tribulation or anything that burdens the spirit.

This Friday's message will share wisdom on how to overcome and handle any trouble that will come your way through the help and grace of God.
Today Bishop Dag will reveal three fight that a minister and builder in the house of God will have to face on the road to the anointing, but he will also share practical keys on how you can fight back and conquer. 

Be sure to also stay tuned for a powerful and edifying prayer led by the prophet.

Power and Great Power

October 8th, 2020

Love is the basis of any meaningful ministry and the foundation of the highest kind of service to God. This Thursday Bishop Dag will teach you why love is an important key to go higher in ministry. 

You will discover how love helps you to enter into higher spiritual dimensions and to recieve more spiritual power.

Find out more about the mysterious connection between love and the manifestation of God's power and mighty Holy Spirit from today's word.

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