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Not a Novice Part 4

July 7th, 2020

In life any kind of promotion or elevation can lead a novice to pride. A novice is unable to see the mysterious principles that made his predecessor survive, overcome and do well.

On the contrary, people who are not novices have a more humble, lowly and less presumptuous approach. Today Bishop Dag will teach on people from the Bible who were not novices for you to learn by their example.

In today’s teaching Bishop Dag will encourage you on the importance of escaping pride and a self inflation of your own importance and standing in life and ministry. Pride is overconfidence in things which you cannot do anything about.

After today’s teaching you will overcome the problem of being a novice through the wisdom from the word!

What it Means to Become a Shepherd Part 3

July 6th, 2020

Throughout the Bible, ministry has been described as work.

In today’s message, Bishop Dag will teach you from his classic book ‘What It Means To Become A Shepherd’ on how you can walk in the office of a shepherd and take up the work well.

Shepherding God’s flock is one of the highest privileges a Christian could ever receive and after today’s word you’ll be equipped to be a more effective shepherd.

Keys to a Double Mega Church

July 4th, 2020

This Saturday’s Machaneh message comes from the camp DOUBLE MEGA MISSIONARY CHURCH preached to shepherds in Devon in the UK.

Many ministers fall into the bracket of complacency content with acquiring a little success, however God requires much more. In this thought provoking Message entitled’Keys To A Double Mega Missionary Church’, Bishop Dag reveals church growth keys and teaches on the reasons why God wants the church to be missionary minded.

After today’s message you will learn why we must aim for the double portion anointing and more fruit. God is giving you the wisdom to implement church growth keys in your effort to build a double mega missionary church!

Why God Does not Bother to Heal Everyone

July 3rd, 2020

In today’s message Bishop Dag will encourage you to develop the art of believing without seeing and he will teach you why God doesn’t heal everyone.

Scripture says it’s an evil generation who seeks a sign so there is a special blessing for people who live by faith and believe without seeing.

Many people will never see miracles and you must not exclude yourself from the majority of God’s movement on the earth simply because you haven't personally witnessed healing and the supernatural in person.

Find out in today’s teaching what God has chosen to transform and change Christians, rather than relying on the miraculous alone to demonstrate the power of God.

Reasons Why You Must be Anointed

July 2nd, 2020

Today Bishop Dag will share with you seven reasons why you must be anointed and why it is important to be full of the Holy Spirit.

Today’s message is a reminder that no one can fulfill their ministry by natural or human strength but only by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The anointing is the only force capable of taking your weakness and making you strong while transforming you into another man entirely. As you receive the word of God today the power of the Holy Spirit is coming upon you to change you into a beautiful vessel!


July 1st, 2020

In today’s message you’ll learn all about the word cabul which means ‘as good as nothing’ or very little.

Today Bishop Dag teaches you eight things that are as good as nothing in relation to your service to God and the ministry.

Scripture says, to whom much is given, much is required. When you’re given something from God there is an expectation from him that you will deliver.

As a Christian you must escape the temptation of comparing yourself to another as it always depends on what you have been given individually.

Whatever talent and purpose you have been given from God I believe you will receive wisdom from today’s word to go deeper and do more! Enjoy the message.

The Purification of a Novice

June 30th, 2020

A novice must first be proved and needs to be tried and tested: it’s only failure that rids you of certain attitudes that are not compatible with ministry.

God’s qualifications require that you survive various tests and trials throughout your life.

After today’s message prepare to be humbled and purged of pride. God is helping you to amount to much more in ministry as you receive today’s word!

What it Means to Become a Shepherd Part 2

June 29th, 2020


In today’s message Bishop Dag will teach you seven areas of poimen (which is the Greek word meaning shepherd or pastor) that a minister must prepare for and go through in order to be a good steward of God’s flock.

Leadership is something every Christian must strive to learn and you’ll soon discover that once you decide to develop the different aspects of a shepherd’s ministry you will see God using you mightily.

As you receive wisdom from today’s word you are becoming a better shepherd with the authority to feed and to lead!

You are Predestined to be Something

June 27th, 2020

This Saturday’s Machaneh message comes from the camp ‘Predestination’ preached to shepherds in Atlanta in the USA.

This particular message is titled ‘You Are Predestined To Be Something’.

Over the course of your Christian walk you’ll discover many things that appear accidental and by chance are actually predestined and predetermined by God.

In today’s eye opening teaching, you will discover how to align yourself to God’s predestined and special plan for your life and ministry.

God has chosen you and had plans for you to be holy and set apart from long ago and today’s message will further help you understand your God given calling and glorious destiny.

Enjoy the message!

Reasons Part 1

June 26th, 2020


Today Bishop Dag challenges you to assess yourself to see if you are peculiar, strange and unlike everybody else. Christians are supposed to stand out and today’s teaching will give you reasons backed up by scripture on why you must lead a peculiar life.

Today’s teaching will help you to understand why Christians must be totally different from unbelievers.

Bishop Dag provides answers to seven frequently asked questions regarding Christianity and how to overcome and why it is important to be odd as a Christian.

Wisdom is coming to you right now on how to live a sober, righteous and holy life as you receive today’s word!

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