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Exit Signs Part 3

July 18th, 2020

This Saturday’s Machaneh message comes from the camp ‘Let My People Go' preached to shepherds in the USA. This particular message is titled 'Exit Signs - Part 3’.

Pharaoh is a type of Satan whose main aim is to keep God’s children bound from serving him. In today's message Bishop Dag exposes key strategies of Pharaoh and how they can be dealt with and overcome.

Today's teaching contains specific keys for lay ministers who are balancing the work of God with working for 'pharaoh' and who at times may find themselves bound by the pressures of their secular work. Bishop Dag will encourage you as a Christian to deal with pharoah wisely and he shares practical wisdom for you to trimuph over the enemy to be an effective minister.

Anointed Ones

July 17th, 2020

If you want to be a minister for God it is important that you desire to become anointed and a vessel for the Holy Spirit to work through. God wants to anoint his servants and when he does it demonstrates his power and his presence.

As you continue to have faith and soak in the word of God you're becoming anointed to proclaim the word of God boldly and without fear! Listen and be blessed.

Desiring the Gift of an Evangelist

July 16th, 2020

God wants us to desire spiritual gifts but unfortunately most people don't believe in spirtual things when their focus is only on what they can physically see.

Instead of having a focus on and desire toward earthly and material gain, Bishop Dag implores you to desire higher and spiritual things in order to advance in ministry. The work of an evangelist is different to the work of a shepherd, teacher or pastor and in today's message you'll discover what exactly it takes to be a soul winner walking in an evangelistic calling.

Matthew 6:33 tells us that when we seek after and desire God first, it is he who has the power to give and add everything else we desire in life.

Today's teaching will encourage you to pursue spiritual things first as you continue to seek God's will for you life.

How to Brighten Your Fire

July 15th, 2020

As a Christian you are the light of the world and as a minister, the brightness of your particular calling can be increased or it can be dimmed.

Today Bishop Dag will challenge you to detect what kind of light and calling God has put in you and will encourage you to ensure your light is shining before men so that it can bless others but also bring glory to God.

Bishop Dag will share biblical wisdom and draw from his own example in ministry to teach you practical steps you can take to strengthen your calling. From today's message you'll learn the ways that you can increase the brightness and intensity of the calling that God has placed on your life.

Not a Novice Part 5

July 14th, 2020

In this Tuesday's message Bishop Dag will teach you how to avoid displaying the characteristics and to tendencies of a child in order to overcome being a novice. A novice is so impressed and moved by the praises of men but by wisdom you will escape making this mistake.

Today's teaching aims to drive any childish understanding, the spirit of pride and the danger of being a novice far away from you.

The message will take a closer look at the lives of Jesus Christ and Apostle Paul as two people who were certainly not novices and what you must learn from their example.

You shall no longer be found a novice as you continue to apply the wisdom taught from the word of God. Enjoy the message!

What it Means to Become a Shepherd Part 4-Fifteen Essential Features of a Potential Shepherd

July 13th, 2020

For almost thirty years of ministry Bishop Dag has been guided by a strong belief that many people can join in taking care of God’s sheep. There is no time like present for us to rise up and join the great work of looking after God’s people.

Today Bishop Dag is going to teach you some of the things you need in order to become a Christian who can shepherd and care for others properly. Bishop Dag will share with you fifteen areas you must develop and grow in order to be an effective shepherd.

You are going to grow and become a better shepherd once you develop a desire for the winning of souls.

Catch the anointing to become a shepherd from today's blessed word!

The Spirit of a Hard Follower

July 11th, 2020
This Saturday’s Machaneh message comes from the camp ‘Army Of Hard followers' preached to shepherds in Mampong, Ghana. This particular message is titled 'The Spirit of a Hard Follower’. 
Today's teaching explores what it takes to be a believer and minister who is ready to go all out for God to the maximum. To be a hard follower is essentially to be someone who understands the art of following, copying and emulation. 
In today's camp message Bishop Dag will share with you several different examples of present day ministers and also those in the Bible, whose example you can learn from so you too can catch this all important spirit of a hard follower of God.
Your ability to follow hard after God is becoming stronger as you recieve today's blessed word.

Fervent Prayer

July 10th, 2020
The English word fervent simply means “impassioned, forceful, passionate, heartfelt, powerful, or wholehearted.” The verse James 5:16 indicates that a passionate, wholehearted prayer will accomplish much, and implies that a half-hearted prayer will not be as effective.
Today Bishop Dag will share seven examples of people from the Bible who were known for praying fervently.
It is important for Christians to know how to pray fervently as the Bible says that's is the kind of prayer that availeth much and brings results.
Listen and learn more about prayer and its importance from today's message!

A High Priest with Feelings

July 9th, 2020

A priest is an overseer of fallen men trying to get back to God. The higher a priest is, the more compassion, mercy and love God  expects them to have towards the flock and less judgement.

Our best example of a priest is Jesus and his ministry should give us something to aspire to as Christians.  Today Bishop Dag teaches that in order to be a high priest you must be intentional and tune your mind in a certain way when deciding to walk in this significant office.

In today's practical teaching Bishop Dag will enlighten you on some of the ways that you can fulfil the office of being a high priest.


Redeeming the Time

July 8th, 2020

Redeeming the time means to save and use the time you have well to prevent it from being lost. When the Bible talks about redeeming time it is in relation to making sure that you are making the most of the short time you have on earth to do the work of God.  

In today’s Bible teaching Bishop Dag will encourage you to keep on doing the work of God while it is day and you have a chance to do the work as your days on earth are numbered.

This life is merely a rehearsal before eternity so we must use the time properly and make sure we are doing all we can do while we are on earth.After today’s message you will be spurred on to work well while it is day. 


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